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Hypnosis can eliminate the blocks to your
Perfect Weight

Hypnosis can eliminate the blocks to your
Perfect Weight

Harriet The Hypnotist

Hypnosis Helps You Achieve and 

Maintain Your Perfect Weight


Harriet The Hypnotist

Hypnosis Helps You Achieve and 

Maintain Your Perfect Weight

Are you absolutely exhausted from trying diet after diet, only to lose weight and gain it all back again? Who wouldn’t want a solution that not only helps you reach your goal weight, but also puts you on autopilot once you get there?

  • Establish your Healthy Habits deeper and further to maximize their benefits, value, and potency.

  • Establish new patterns of inspired thoughts and actions to eliminate self-sabotage.

Harriet Sharaf

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Certified Consulting


  • Establish time dedicated to inner-reflection so that your choices support your deepest desires.

  • Release your inner critic and be more consistent with self-care, self-love and self- respect.

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Hypnosis Is a safe and Natural state

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. 

                                                                                 William James - American psychologist

It is important to eat healthily, exercise, and take care of our physical wellbeing, yet often our negative inner state can sabotage our best intentions. When it comes to dieting, we can do all the right things 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day and negate all of our success in 15 minutes of eating unhealthy calories. It’s not what we are eating as much as what is eating us that really matters in the game of weight loss. Any diet will work if we are in the mindset to stay the course. And that is exactly where hypnosis comes into play.

Hypnosis, or trance, allows the conscious mind to become quiet, allowing access to the highly suggestible subconscious mind., The subconscious mind holds our unconscious thought patterns which affect the way we interact with the world, as well as the choices we make and the habits and patterns that we repeat.  

Hypnosis is a safe and natural state. All hypnosis can be considered self-hypnosis as you are always in charge and always aware and must be willing to allow the process to take place. Everyone experiences trance in moments of daydreaming, intense concentration, and when entering and exiting sleep. Hypnosis is very much like daydreaming except you are directing the images and thoughts that play in your mind in order to develop unconscious patterns that support your desires and best intentions rather than destroy them.

Everyone Can Benefit from Hypnosis

By working together, I can help you become more committed to your Health & Wellbeing. 

Through this process, you will develop your core self into its most balanced state so that you can live your life as the best individual you can be. These changes will effect you as well as the lives of those around you.

No matter what comes your way, you can live a life where every day is better than the one before it. I can help you achieve your optimal wellness. 

Harriet Sharaf is a consulting hypnotist in South Florida specializing in Weight Management. She is Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and Certified by IPEC Coaching as a Life Coach and trained as a Health Coach through Take Shape For Life.

Certified hypnotist


Certified Life coach



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